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Edinburgh’s Favourite Package-Free Food Markets

Take out the rubbish from your weekly food haul, package-reducing markets are popping up all over the city and we are thrilled to welcome their eco-friendly efforts to cut back on plastic waste.

Plastic pollution is one of the leading threats to ocean health with between 4 and 12 million metric tons of plastic plunging into the ocean this year, and these figures are expected to double in the next few years. Everyone can reduce their plastic use and why not start at the source?

At Thrive Bar & Kitchen, we have made a commitment to recycle and re-use as much of what we consume as possible. So far in 2019 we have recycled over 12,000kg of waste. Supermarkets are responsible for a huge percentage of plastic waste and by shopping wisely you can cut down your carbon footprint.

Edinburgh boasts a handful of bring your own bag grocery shops. No-packaging markets let the customers browse the pick and mix of pastas, grains, and loose fruit and veg to allow the shoppers a hands-on experience. We have picked out some of our favourites below.

The Refillery

We’ve all been there in the supermarket. Unsure what ingredients to buy, so you just collect a bit of this, that and everything in between and hope that it materialises into something edible. The zero-waste market invites the shoppers to come with their jam jars and reusable containers to browse the bazaar.

The Weigh to Go

These guys really show you the way it’s done in no-waste grocery shopping. Fill up on dried goods including nuts, seeds, pulses and dried fruit. It doesn’t stop there with the re-useable options. You can also shop for your treasured toiletries with waste-reduced righteousness.

The Eco Larder

For sustainably-sourced finds, The Eco Larder flies the plastic-free flag proudly. The pioneering refillable container pantry was the first of its kind and the exemplary selection of dry goods, toiletries and other essentials has set the ball rolling for an eco-friendly Edinburgh.