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Doing our part for Carbon Emissions

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Did you know that by 2020, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 42%?

That’s the mission that has been set out by The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill, and by 2050, our emissions need to be reduced by 90%.

Here at Thrive Café:Bar, we are committed to helping make changes for our environment. Since opening less than four months ago, we’ve managed to recycle 4.5 tonnes of cardboard, glass, food and plastic.

This month, we’ve managed to smash our targets set by our recycling contractor, Changeworks Recycling.

How much we've recycled since August 2018

By making sure our staff recycle every piece of material correctly, we are confident are doing our best to reduce carbon emissions.

Here are some other cool stats from our recycling efforts so far:

But it’s a joint effort. Thrive Café:Bar is one of more than 2000 businesses in central Scotland who work with Changeworks Recycling to reduce carbon emissions.

Tell us, how do you do your part to help reduce carbon emissions?