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A Carnivore's Guide to Dining in a Vegan Restaurant

Most restaurants are likely to offer one or two vegan-friendly options on their menu, but when the roles reverse, what should your meat-eater friends order in our neck of the woods?

If you’ve never eaten in a vegan restaurant before, the menu can seem a little bit daunting. But don’t worry, it’s not all salads and soup. We have plenty of options to make the non-vegans feel right at home.

Where to Start?

Haggis, wings, nachos?

Yes, that’s right, kind of.

We have adapted the classic starters to blend with our vegan friendlies. We’ve swapped out the meats for beets and other vegetables but kept all of the original flavours.

The Main Slice

You’re probably wondering where to go from here? You don’t need to settle for a leafy alternative.

Tuck into a sloppy, juicy burger and cheesy fries with a range of meatless filled buns.

Feeling Adventurous? Dip your toe into veganism with Teriyaki Tofu, you probably won’t even notice the alternative ingredients.

Sweet Departure

Our sugary substitutes are no second best to the real deal. Indulge in creamy, chocolatey heaven with a choice of sundaes, brownies and ice creams. We won’t say too much, you’ll know the one for you.