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3 dishes to convince your friends to do Veganuary

There are so many reasons people decide to try vegan.

For most, a love of animals is at the forefront. Others want to feel better about themselves and the impact they make on the world.

Some just want to set themselves a challenge.

Enter Veganuary! A whole month where you try out a vegan lifestyle and see if it is something you could consider long term.

So, do you have any friends you are trying to convince to do Veganuary?

Here are some ways our dishes will help you convince them to give up the cow!

The discussion: I love all things meat!

Thrive’s answer: Wings

Our vegan answer to mainstream wings that will challenge the taste buds of any omnivore!

Cauliflower florets battered in tempura to give ‘em a crunch. Served with home-made hot sauce. Damn!

The discussion: Don’t vegans just eat vegetables?

Thrive’s answer: Tofush Burger

A common misconception about veganism is it’s super healthy, and just a plate of veggies.


Vegan food can be just as deep fried and guilt-ridden as an omnivore dish.

Our Tofush burger is made with beer-battered, deep fried tofu and a homemade, creamy tartar sauce.

Still want the cheese? You can add vegan cheese and it’s every bit as delicious as regular cheddar!

The discussion: I don’t really eat meat, but I LOVE ice-cream!

Thrive’s answer: Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream

Ahhhh…. The achillies heal: ice-cream.

A good vegan ice-cream will rival the taste and texture of any dairy alternative. We use premium vanilla & coconut ice-creams at Thrive.

We serve our delicious homemade brownie with a toffee sauce which is made out of a simple blend of dates, maple syrup and peanut butter!

So, tell us!

Who are you challenging to try Veganuary this year?